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Love Your Editor

Don't worry about your copy—or your headcount.Love Your Editor is the sweet spot between "Ugh, I hope this is right" and hiring another employee.

Our process

How it works

When you work with us, you can rest assured that your written words are perfect.Our editor-on-demand service gives you access to an exceptional editor, whenever you need.Send us a project, and we'll respond right away. Our average turnaround time is less than 48 hours. (It's actually closer to 24 hours.)Even better: no meetings!
We get to work. Your calendar gets slightly less crazy.

Editing as a service


No need to hire more full-time staff—or deal with all the paperwork required for freelancers.With editing-as-a-service, you get a simple process & fast, excellent results.

Who we've worked with

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As many projects as you need

After you sign up, you can add unlimited projects to your queue, and activate one at a time. (Two at a time, if you're on the Pro plan.)When we finish one, we'll immediately get started on the next.


As much feedback as you want

We'll give you detailed feedback—but only if you want it.If you just want clean finished copy, we'll keep it fast, simple, & perfect. No red pen necessary.


We use your tools, too

Don't change your workflow or export to some strange format.We'll send your edits, redlines, & feedback in the format that works best for you and your team.

For everything
AI can't do

New AI tools can be amazing starting points. They help you avoid at least the most elemental, embarrassing spelling & grammar errors.But let's not pretend AI comes close to providing the value a human editor brings. Do your AI tools:

  • Bridge the gap between your message and your intended audience?

  • Highlight content's risks and regulatory concerns?

  • Align your text with your company's style guide, voice, and current marketing campaigns?

  • Provide useful feedback to you & your writers?

  • Bring a holistic perspective that can unify the messaging of various pieces across an entire brand, marketing campaign, website, or product launch?

Every writer should make use of the best AI-assisted authoring tools available. But nobody should mistake those tools for human editors.

We do it all

Here are a few types of content we've worked on:

  • Ad & marketing copy

  • UI/UX writing

  • App help

  • Website copy

  • Reports

  • Presentations & slide decks

  • Email newsletters

  • Research articles

  • Instructions & user guides

  • Academic papers

  • Patient manuals

  • Sales brochures

  • Books

  • Video scripts

  • Press releases

In short, we've worked on just about everything.So whatever you work on, we've got the experience to help you make it excellent.


Start now

We're ready to get started helping you right away.Learn more about our three-step onboarding process below:


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Once you're done, you'll receive a welcome email, and access to your dedicated project board.


Submit your projects.
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We'll get started.
When we're done, select your next project, and we'll get busy immediately. Repeat as needed—no limits!

From fear to calm

Why wait?

Your company does exceptional work. But confusing messaging, simple errors, and a lack of cohesive communications damage your credibility & your brand.Why live with the worry?

Standard plan

Our most popular editorial service.


- Billed monthly—pause or cancel whenever you want
- One active request at a time
- Fast turnaround time for every request—averages <48 hours
- No meetings!
- Satisfaction guaranteed

Pro plan

Double the projects—get 2x more done each month!


- Billed monthly—pause or cancel whenever you want
- Two active requests at a time
- Fast turnaround time for every request—averages <48 hours
- No meetings!
- Satisfaction guaranteed

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Send us questions or say hi at hello@loveyoureditor.com. We'll get back to you right away.Follow us on LinkedIn for writing wisdom, and to keep an eye on our projects.